Livestock Guarding Dogs

In the evening, when zoo gates are locked, our livestock guarding dogs have a job to do. They sometimes roam the grounds to alert its residents of any unusual happenings.

Livestock guarding dogs have proved to be a cost-effective means of livestock predator control. Guarding dogs are often raised with the animals they are to protect.

Red Fox

When you visit the red fox enclosure be sure to look up. You may see them sleeping on their high resting places.

Fox are quick, elusive members of the dog family. Primarily predators they can climb and dig efficiently but are also opportunists. The red fox can have red, gray or silver-colored fur in the wild and white-tipped tails. California has native red and gray foxes, as well as the tiny endangered San Joaquin kit fox.


Folk talks and popular fiction helped form a poor public opinion about the Big Bad You Know What. Come to the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary to form your opinion of the wolf.

In the wild wolves are sensitive, family oriented, intelligent animals. While living in packs wolves cooperate with pack members to make a living as predators. There is a dominant or alpha male and female in each pack who will hunt for the pack. The dominant pair will also breed while the members of the pack assist in care of the litter.

Wolf Hybrid

A wolf hybrid is a cross between a wolf and a dog, generally they are beautiful, strong, independent and inquisitive. Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is one of the few sights that will accept hybrids.

A hybrid with higher percentage of wolf DNA may have more wild traits and be adept at escaping, destructive to households and hard to housebreak. Hybrids can be territorial and aggressive towards other dogs sometimes predatory toward small pets and even children.


The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary choir has many members. Sometimes visitors are treated to the sound of the coyote mixed other zoo residents serenading all who are visiting.

Coyotes are easily adaptable to many different habitats and living situations. They are known to be clever and intelligent survivors in a world where habitat loss has negatively impacted many species. If the coyote is unable to hunt for it’s food it will follow its nose to whatever food might be available to meet their dietary needs.