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Have you found an animal that has obvious injuries or is in immediate peril? Do not give any food or water as this can be harmful to the animal. Keep warm, dark and quiet and away from other animals and people. Transfer to your nearest rehab facility as soon as possible. Click the following link for a list of organizations that specialize in rehab of found wildlife - Wildlife Contact List

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The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is located at 403 Stafford Street, Folsom, California, in the heart of the City of Folsom. Operating since 1963, the zoo has been the home to hundreds of animals from squirrels and deer to bobcats and bears.

Each year the zoo welcomes over 100,000 visitors in a simple and unassuming park like environment. With close to 100 animals and adjacent to Lions Park (featuring tables, BBQ’s and children’s play areas) and the Folsom Valley (mini-scale) Railway, not to mention City Hall, Dan Russell Arena, and the Folsom City Library, we know you and your family will enjoy your visit.



Docent Training 2023

Consider joining the docent team! We are training new docents to help host school tours and assist with other ongoing activities. The class begins February 13 and continues through March ...

Serval News in 2022

The Folsom Zoo Sanctuary is happy to officially introduce the zoo sanctuary's newest resident Leopold, the African serval. He was a confiscated illegal pet and we are happy to welcome ...

BDOG 2022 Thank You

Thank you so much for your support of the Friends of the Folsom Zoo Sanctuary during the Big Day of Giving 2022 on May 5th.  With your help, we raised ...