Zoo Camps

Explore the wonderful world of animals through Camp adventures at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary –
Age appropriate animal experiences, exclusive exhibit visits, tours, games, and crafts, and more..

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Junior Zookeeper Ages 8-11
Senior Zookeeper Ages 12-15


Email zoocoordinator@folsom.ca.us for questions regarding camp.

Camps are generally offered in the Summer, Spring break, and at the holiday break. Please consult the Folsom City activities calendar for specific dates and available camps. Learn more and register at http://webtrac.folsom.ca.us .

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Junior Zookeeper Camp

Ages 8-11

Each week of camp includes new and different activities – join us for multiple weeks to enhance your camp experience. Morning may include typical daily zookeeping tasks like cleaning exhibits and preparing animal diets. Campers will take part in hands-on activities and create enrichment for the animals, such as making giant frozen ice pops, hand-made piñatas, and special puzzles with treats. While the animals are locked safely in their dens, campers will be escorted to place the enrichment treats and toys into the animal enclosures. When zookeepers release the animals back into their exhibits, campers get to watch the animals discover thier special treats.

Camp activities are subject to change based on the needs of animals, weather conditions, and other factors.

Senior Zookeeper Camp

Ages 12-15

If you liked Junior Zookeeper Camp, you’ll love Senior Zookeeper Camp!

This advanced camp provides an introduction to more of the zoo sanctuary’s animal residents. Campers will learn about domestic and wild animal behavior, animal training techniques, animal health, and caregiving. Activities include making enrichment toys for the animals, cleaning enclosures, preparing diets, and interacting with the animals. We’ll also explore some of the conservation efforts taking place in the world, and how to do our part to be good stewards of the environment.

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