Foxes and wolf-hybrids all have found their forever homes at the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary. While some look very much like man’s best friend the domestic dog, these canines are wild and exhibit behaviors unique to their own species.

Red Fox

Foxes are quick, elusive members of the canine family. Primarily predators, they can climb and dig efficiently but are also opportunistic feeders. The red fox can have red, gray or silver-colored fur in the wild and white-tipped tails. California has native fed foxes and gray foxes, as well as the tiny, endangered San Joaquin kit fox.

When you visit the red fox enclosure be sure to look up. You may see them sleeping on their high resting places. You may also notice an unusual scent reminiscent of a skunk – that musky smell comes from red foxes Mojo and Mindy marking their territory.


Wolf Hybrid

A wolf hybrid is a cross between a wolf and a dog. Generally, they are beautiful, strong, independent and inquisitive. At the same time, they are adept at escaping, destructive to households, and nearly impossible to housebreak. Hybrids can be territorial and aggressive toward other dogs and sometimes predatory toward small pets and even children. A hybrid with a higher percentage of wolf DNA may have more wild traits than dog traits.

The Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary is one of the few facilities that exhibits wolf hybrids. Many wolf hybrids like Timber, Draco, and Sitka start off as pets. Unfortunately, due to the natural behaviors of wolves, most owners find it impossible to keep them. With few options for rehoming wolf hybrids, many do not find a forever home.

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