Meet Henry the Bear!

A restaurateur who dropped by the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary kitchen would be impressed with both the quality of the food – and the presentation.


The biggest bowls, of course, would be those of the biggest animals at the Zoo – the bears.   Henry lives by himself next door to neighbors Marty and Woody.  At the far end of the bear exhibits you’ll see little female Tahoe and big male Sequoia. Bear bowls include tasty, good-for-you foods like raw greens, berries, grapes, oranges, yams, carrots, artichokes, celery, beets, pineapple, melon and pears. Meat is added three days a week with raw chicken as the Sunday Special.  For the Little Something Extra goodies like nuts, dog kibble, acorns, etc. are scattered in the exhibits both for the enjoyment of bears and watching visitors.


With luck you will also see the wild black cat that has moved in with Tahoe & Sequoia. The Cat now has his/her own sign and is frequently seen sunbathing at the top of the bear yard.

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