Moving To The Miner’s Cabin

In The Past – June 2001: “Moving To The Miner’s Cabin. Forty-niners (gold seekers, not football players) invited small, but ferocious, rodent eradicating ringtails to take up residence in their cabins, and sometimes referred to them as “miner’s cats.” (Ringtails are members of the raccoon family.) Visitors have a view through a wide window into the mini replica Folsom Zoo Miner’s Cabin. It has a dirt floor, little bed, a wooden washstand and cupboard, storage boxes and shelves and lots of Good Old Stuff. Spiffy Ringtail Chaos, disabled raccoon Emma and albino skunk Gardenia now call the Miner’s Cabin home. Chaos literally hung around for a day on branches and in the cabin and then disappeared into a box labeled SALT. Gardenia dug herself a very nice den under the cupboard. These two Children of the Night may be seen only infrequently. Emma, however, has explored all nooks and crannies, including the backyard with a waterfall that splashes in a small pond.”

2016:\\Currently dwelling in the Miner’s Shack is skunk Funk who was “descented” and could not live safely in the wild and Skunk Pete who was confiscated by California Fish & Wildlife as an illegal pet.


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