Remembering September 23, 1999

bear cub

September 23, 1999.    “HBC. Occasionally, Cal Trans or the police will deliver a freshly roadkilled (or HBC – Hit By Car) deer to the Zoo. Keepers store the carcass in the freezer for a month to kill parasites and then either cut it into small portions or use the whole carcass as a behaviorally enriching, nutritious meal. Recently at the end of the day, a keeper hauled a big young HBC buck to the Black bear cubs, leaving it in a small lock- out area. At first the cubs were frightened. But, prancing back and forth closer and closer, male Sequoia, smelling food, eventually decided to be brave and grasped the deer by the neck. With astonishing strength he hauled it into the main exhibit area with female Tahoe right behind him. Instantly, Sequoia changed from a baby: into a strong King of the Forest. It was, of course, his intention to keep the prize away from Tahoe. He bellowed – and grabbed the carcass. Morning arrived with two sated bears and the remaining bits and pieces of their meal. Remembering that work at the Folsom Zoo is a Labor of Love, the Zoo Crew got through the clean up in good spirits and collected leftovers in a strong trash bag.

But wait! Trusty Zoo Guard Dog Harrison found the bag. And It Was Good. And being A Dog he did what generations of dogs have done when confronted with such a treasure. He rolled. And rolled some more.”

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