Some Pig

Feral pigs throughout California are considered a nuisance to many people, a treasure to some and fair game to others.

Invite pigs Wilber and Templeton to a party and they will snack on plants, use their strong snouts to plow up earth seeking roots and grubs, and ultimately dig out a muddy puddle for a cooling nap. Pigs don’t sweat. Mud keeps them cool and acts like an insect barrier.

Templeton’s wild mother liked gardens, which unfortunately belonged to humans. California Department of Fish & Wildlife is responsible for wildlife control so some of the pig family was moved to the Zoo Sanctuary. As our weather warms up if you look around the pasture creek area you may see a pig wallow and, with luck, a pig cooling off.

Every day Zookeepers take a good look at each animal to make sure all is well. Recently it was noticed that the tip of pig Wilber’s right tusk had broken off and a few fragments found in the stall, which didn’t slow him down at all.

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