Gordon The Gecko

Rhacodactylus cilatus is the official name for Crested Gecko Gordon who was a pet for seven years and has moved to the warm exotic animals building he shares with Skink Solomon (who is in his 20th year), Ball Python Lucy, and Hog Nose snake Flick Geckos like Gordon are native to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan […]

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Welcome Burney

Burney From Burney Falls State Park Created more than a million years ago, MacArthur–Burney Memorial Falls California State Park is far from the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary but there’s a story to tell. An orphaned newborn raccoon was found and rescued in the Burney Falls area. Her eyes weren’t open yet and she was being

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Meet Henry the Bear!


Note: We lost our older bears, Woody in 2018, Marty, Tahoe & Sequoia in 2021. We lose our beloved feral cat, Little Bear, in 2023. A restaurateur who dropped by the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary kitchen would be impressed with both the quality of the food – and the presentation. The biggest bowls, of course,

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