Fun Facts


After several years of drought, and thoughtfully hand-watering Zoo plants and maintaining animal water ponds at low levels, El Nino has greened-up California and piled up snow that will hopefully fill up dams and aquifers. The animals seem stoic and apparently have planned ahead to grow thick warm coats of fur. When summer comes, the […]

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Gordon The Gecko

Rhacodactylus cilatus is the official name for Crested Gecko Gordon who was a pet for seven years and has moved to the warm exotic animals building he shares with Skink Solomon (who is in his 20th year), Ball Python Lucy, and Hog Nose snake Flick Geckos like Gordon are native to India, Pakistan and Afghanistan

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Dogs, coyotes and wolves are related and all three groups are social and use a similar form of communication: howling, barking and growling.  At least once a day, usually mid-morning, the City of Folsom is treated with all of the above. Dogs have a wider range of hearing than humans: they hear both higher-pitched and

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yellow jacket

Yellow Jackets

For several months Zoo animals (and human staff) have made efforts to avoid the stings of meat eating yellow jackets. Raccoon Crash to ignored them. He gathers his ground raw meat, veggies and crunchy dry cat food only with his right front paw that – thumb and all – looks like and works like a human

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Do You Know?

Note:  We lost Coco in 2015 and Pebbles in 2018. Primates, including humans and guinea pigs share a dietary need for Vitamin C.  All other species can synthesize their own Vitamin C.  Guinea pigs (Caviar porcellus) are cherished pets in many areas including the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary where guinea pigs Coco and Pebbles are

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Meet Henry the Bear!


Note: We lost our older bears, Woody in 2018, Marty, Tahoe & Sequoia in 2021. We lose our beloved feral cat, Little Bear, in 2023. A restaurateur who dropped by the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary kitchen would be impressed with both the quality of the food – and the presentation. The biggest bowls, of course,

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